Why do I need MyBuddy-Box?

MyBuddy-Box folds down to a handy, small ‘briefcase’ so it saves space when not being used, yet when open it’s perfect for laundry, toys, picnics, camping and caravanning, home-office filing and of course supermarket shopping – fill and stack each box in the trolley – into the car boot – into the house – unload and fold down for next time! (just what you’ll need when the supermarkets start charging for carriers and reusable shopping bags!)

MyBuddy-Box will soon become an indispensable part of your life, so the quicker you order here online, the sooner these decorative storage boxes can solve all your shopping and household needs!

British Designed & Made MyBuddy-Box Is A Lightweight (800g) Yet Super Strong Folding & Stacking Box That Can Carry up to 20kg!

Perfect for Supermarket Shopping, Laundry, Picnics, Back of The Car & So Much More!

MyBuddy-Box comes in 2 ranges – The Classic Range With 5 Funky New Designs And The 100% Recycled Eco Range. All products are 100% Recyclable.

Shop MyBuddy-Box Classic Range

£14.99 each

Shop MyBuddy-Box Eco Range

Made from 100% Recycled Material
£9.99 each

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Environmental Credentials

We are a British start-up that design and manufacture MyBuddy-Box here in Peterborough, U.K.

Take MyBuddy-Box with you when you grocery shop - no more need for those plastic or floppy bags!

Award-winning product

Cambridge Evening News

Best New Business Idea Of The Year

British Hardware Foundation

Best New Product of The Year Supreme Sword Of Achievement

Daily Mail Ideal Home exhibition

Best New Product In Show - Blue Ribbon Award

BBC Tomorrow's World

Prince of Wales Award For Technical Innovation Finalist